I’d been putting this off for a while, but I finally modeled my mum. Due to her illness, her physical appearance changed dramatically over the last six months of her life, and I want to reflect that in the game. But, for now, this is her when I first returned home, when lymphedema had swollen her legs and ankles, and she needed to dress for comfort.

The “T-Pose” is typically the default pose for a character while modeling, before animation.

I’d been using a magenta capsule shape as a character stand-in during development, due to the aforementioned “putting off,” but actually, it feels good to be able to add the Linda character to my scenes. After all, the characters are not really my mum and I, they are just stylized avatars for the story I want to tell. I’m not a filmmaker nor novelist, but I imagine it’s a similar feeling to telling a story based on real life and real people in those mediums. The actors are stand-ins and quickly create their own personalities, no matter how delicate the story being told is. I wish I’d done this sooner as it’s actually helped to add distance between storytelling and real life.